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Special Programs

Enhancing care with high-end imaging technology and expertise

Yes, we read studies for the health systems and hospitals we serve. But at Carolina Radiology, that’s only the beginning of the support we provide to help our partners maximize the success of their clinical missions.

Collaborating with clinical and institutional leadership, we have developed specific programs to enhance accessibility to high-end clinical services in the communities we serve.

Pioneering, Imaging-Intensive Clinical Programs

  • Grand Strand Medical Center (GSMC) Stroke Program—we initiated a rapid-response Brain Attack program that helps clinicians make the most of the “Golden Hour” when a patient presents with a possible stroke. The program standard is to have a definitive diagnosis within 20 minutes so that, when the findings confirm a stroke, the right treatment can begin as quickly as possible for maximum patient benefit. GSMC technical and nursing staff, trained by Carolina Radiology, perform stroke assessments in a state-of-the-art angiography suite that was equipped for the most advanced neuroimaging procedures.

Get a first-hand view from an unexpected patient successfully treated in the GSMC stroke program, in this video interview.

  • CT Lung Cancer Screening—Carolina Radiology physicians have worked with our partners to develop CT lung cancer screening programs to proactively find small lesions that, if found cancerous, can be treated at a stage where a successful outcome is much more likely. This gives new hope to current and former smokers in the communities served.